National SIDS & Infant Death Program Support Center

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Priority Area:


The Bereavement team is evaluating professional standards for handling incidents of infant death. Following a review of standards, those that are exemplary will be disseminated. Model standards will be developed for, professions/ institutions which currently have inadequate or no bereavement support standards. The team will review bereavement support materials and disseminate those that are exemplary. They are also creating an evaluation form to measure familiesí satisfaction with the support services that they receive.

Here are some useful resources:

bulletRecommended Materials for Families Experiencing an Infant Death
(pdf version - 44k) (Word 2000 version - 71k)

bulletResources for Recommended Materials
(pdf version - 14k) (Word 2000 version - 42k)
bulletGuidelines  For Christian Clergy (4/30/02)
(pdf version - 96k) (Word 2000 version - 289k)
bulletGuidelines  For Funeral Director (4/30/02)
(pdf version - 60k) (Word 2000 version - 285k)
bulletGuidelines  For Medical Professionals (4/30/02)
(pdf version - 72k) (Word 2000 version - 365k)

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