July 18, 2012

Helping Your Child to Defeat an Illness

There may be nothing that is more disarming for a parent than learning that their child is coming down with an illness. It may manifest itself as a cough which starts out of the blue and then seems to never end. But all too often, this innocuous symptom is followed by a slew of other signs indicating that their child’s health is at risk. Sweating, fever, sinus blockage, pain, irritability, and sleeplessness can all present themselves in what appears to be a dizzying array of maladies which could potentially jeapardize a child’s long-term health.

One of the harder decisions to make as this tornado of signs and symptoms swirls into view, is whether or not to take the kid to the hospital. Insurance helps to cover the costs associated with hospital visits, but in virtually no instance is a medical visit free. In fact, even with insurance, a trip to the doctor can seem exorbitantly expensive. So the choice to bring a qualified medical examiner into the picture can be a tough one, particularly if money is tight.

On the other hand, colds and other health maladies such as present themselves with the aforementioned signs often lead to nothing more than temporary discomfort. The human body, especially that of children, is quite strong, producing many red blood cells with which to fight infections. Often, few simple steps can turn the situation around quickly.

A child’s health should never be neglected. However, taking simple steps can prevent the need for a visit to a doctor, which is expensive and time consuming. Monitor your child’s symptoms. Give them a dose of an over-the-counter medicine such as children’s Nyquil. Keep them hydrated – sweating and phlegm loss can compound the problems. And make sure that they rest; exertion is not called for when the body is busy fighting an invasion! Consider a visit to a doctor if these steps do not lead to improvement.

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