July 18, 2012

Medical Insurance And Its Importance

If we are born as a human being one thing is sure to haunt us at some point in time in our life. It is unforeseen medical emergencies in the form of disease, illness or some accidents, all of which could be major or minor. Hence to prevent against such unforeseen happenings over which we have no control it is absolutely essential that we have a medical insurance cover to take care of such exigencies. The insurance cover should cover the entire family and the amount for each member should be commensurate with the person’s age, level of activity, general health condition, probability of falling sick, etc.

There are many such insurance companies who have tie ups with the best of hospitals offering the best medical treatments when it is needed. Additionally, they also offer preventive medical checkups at a very low and discounted cost. The medical facilities cover such areas as hospitalization, operation costs, medicines, doctor’s fee and other such expenses. Without such a medical insurance policy it would be impossible for an ordinary person with a limited resource at his command to tackle such emergencies.

However, the point that is sought to be made out here is that such facilities still continue to be the domain of a few privileged individuals. A vast majority still continue to suffer though they are covered under some kind of a social security network. The facilities and limits available are still far from adequate and yet times they are left with no other option but to borrow huge sums of money for treatment. If they cannot organize funds, the only option left is to let the patient’s fate be decided by providence.

This is indeed cruel and we should have a foolproof system in place where the health and well being of its citizens are the totally prerogative of the state, especially those who are not able to afford such costly treatment in swanky hospitals and clinics.