July 18, 2012

Subtle Changes in Your Child’s Behavior May be a Warning Sign

Many parents wished they had just paid a little more attention to subtle changes in their child’s behavior. These changes can be indicative of illness, emotional difficulties and even a learning disability. While many parents may dismiss small changes as a phase the child is going through, it is important to find the root cause as soon as possible. Many times children are unable to express what they are feeling. Children are generally raised in homes where both parents work, and it is easy to overlook changes in your child’s behavior.

As soon as you notice any changes in behavior, you should immediately engage your child in a discussion. While some behavior may require disciplinary action, it is important to hold back your reaction and calmly attempt to find out how your child is feeling. Many times a child is suffering silently because they are being bullied in school. In recent news, there have been many tragic results related to bullying. In many cases, parents were unaware how serious the bullying affected their child. Bullying is a growing problem and it adversely affects children physically and mentally.

Often subtle changes in behavior are the result of physical discomfort a child may be experiencing. This could indicate the onset or development of a serious illness. With any illness regardless of how serious, early detection is critical. There are many illnesses that may not have apparent symptoms and the only indication that something is wrong, may be a change in behavior.

Many changes in behavior are simply because your child is growing up. Many children begin to exert their independence or adopt the behaviors of their friends. Taking the time to have a discussion with your child might reveal crucial information that may prevent a potential problem. If you notice even the smallest change, it will be worth your time to spend a few extra moments with your child.